Welcome to Charter Charitable Foundation

Charter Charitable Foundation was created in 2006 to provide individuals, families and organizations the opportunity to fulfill their charitable intentions.  The Foundation is recognized by the IRS as a private charity and is eligible for tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

We strive to improve the quality of life in the communities we serve by creating lasting and sustainable changes though philanthropic endeavors.

The foundation helps minimize administrative costs to ensure the recipients benefit from the maximum amount of the gift. When considering charitable gifts, Charter Charitable Foundation provides a flexible alternative that allows donors to stay involved with their gifts and philanthropic endeavors. Through Charter Charitable Foundation, donors can; Make a one time gift; Donate a series of gifts; Receive lifetime income; Create a scholarship fund; Direct income to an organization; and Gift low basis investments.

Endowment Funds

The Endowment Fund allows donors to make charitable donations and is well suited to the donor who doesn’t want to be as active in the giving process or for testamentary bequests. The endowment fund will also be the charitable remainder interest for life income arrangements (CRTs, CGAs and Pooled Income Funds).

The Life Income Fund

The Life-Income Fund is for donors who are in need of a stream of income for life or a specific period of time. The gift of the remainder is made to the Foundation in exchange for that income stream. Charitable gift annuities are cost effective vehicles to establish and provide a fixed stream of payments for life, based on the donor’s age(s).

“Our family has enjoyed great benefit from the services of Charter Charitable Foundation. We are grateful for their services and would recommend them to anyone.”

– The Jones Family